We know there are a lot of questions when designing a web site.

Here are a few of the most common web design questions we get.

Is Websites Niagara the company for you?

We know the decision to get a website can be an overwhelming process. This is often further complicated by too many options in a jargon-filled industry. We understand that most small business owners aren’t super techy and simply want a website that is going to help their business increase its credibility and sales. We get that!

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the hype and buzz which can lead often lead to two paths:

Scenario #1: You get drawn in by a smooth-talking tech wizard that wows you with all of the magical powers of the web that can be yours. While this is fine if it matches your business objectives, however this often leads to small business owners investing money in something that is far more complex than what’s actually need. Because this path often ends up costing far more than initially budgeted, it’s not uncommon to get sticker shock from what is perceived to be some outrageous price quote and be driven to either attempt to do-it-yourself or to hire your neighbour’s, cousin’s 12-year-old son that knows computers to do it for you.



Scenario #2: You underestimate your needs and/or the difference in contracting a professional company and end up hiring someone who talks the talk but can’t walk the walk when its time to deliver. This often leads to half started projects, lost deposits and a lot of unnecessary headaches. Nobody plans on hiring someone to do a web design project only to later find out that this person over-inflated their skills, capability or even dedication to your needs.

You might be thinking that these two options seem extreme, but we have seen it happen to unsuspecting business owners far too often before they ultimately land on our doorstep.

Knowing these are recurring problems that plague the web design industry, we decided to do something about it by trying to help bring some clarity to a complicated space.

This is how Websites Niagara was born.

We are the right company for you if you value things like…

  • Time and money – we believe in doing things properly from the start… failing to do so often results in wasting both time and money and we don’t like to do that.
  • No jargon – we speak in terms you will understand.
  • Simple process – we get you from A to B in as few steps as possible.
  • Skilled professionals – we’ve been down this path before and we can show you the way by making recommendations that will fit your needs.
  • Straight talkers – we will tell you what we think you need and manage expectations so there are no hidden surprises.
  • Fair price for quality work – we will not be the cheapest but we will be the most committed to delivering on our promises.

If the above list appeals to you, we encourage you to keep reading to see if the fit continues to look good. On the other hand, if you disagree with any of the points above, its probably a good indicator that this might not be the best match.


Not sure which option is best for you?

We have three primary web design options for small business owners.


The Core Site – Great for new businesses or those who simply want to improve their online image!

This is great for small businesses that want to harness the presence of the web to get their message out about their product or service. With 7 pages included, this is ideal for service-based businesses that want to make a good impression with potential customers. This starter site would also be good for small businesses that want to promote a specific product line to a targeted market.

This plan includes all of the basics a small business would need to get started with a professional web presence. It also comes with a variety of optional upgrades if you were looking to add some special features while taking control of budget.

In other words, it’s often enough without being too much.

The Pro Site – Great for businesses or organizations that need to up their game in the marketplace

This plan is great for those operating in a competitive market that need to make an impression in their industry. Since content is king in an online dominated world, this often means that customers expect certain information to be available to them. If your business is going to compete and earn the attention and respect of these consumers  there is the need to up your game to ensure you are providing the detailed product or service information that is relevant to site visitors.

This plan includes a greater level of customization and features to ensure your site matches your vision. In other words, this site has more bells and whistles than a core  site.


The Leader Site – Great for businesses or organizations that have a need and desire to exert authority and leadership in their industry.

This plan includes the ultimate in terms of flexibility and customization. With all of the features of the pro site, this option also includes more than 10 hours of advanced marketing and programming support to ensure your business is perceived in the best possible light with professional copy editing, custom graphic design, advanced search engine optimization and the ability to fully customize and upgrade functionality with various plugins.


What if I need a bigger site?

Although we have three primary web design options for small business owners, we do offer a variety of upgrade options that you can view by clicking here. If you are looking for something far more customized and complex, we recommend you contact our sister company KAIZEN Marketing & Creative Design House for a custom quote as they have built many extremely large and complex custom sites with database integration, e-commerce functionality, directories as well as online course sites.



What if I need a smaller site?

Although we have three primary web design options for small business owners, we do offer a very basic starter site that you can view by clicking here.

These websites start at $499 and ensure you have all of the bases covered for a properly and professionally designed site. These sites are built so you can expand them as your business grows. We give you a solid foundation in which to build your online dreams. Sure you can likely find someone to do a small site for cheaper, but it’s a common case of you get what you pay for and we believe it’s better to do things well the first time no matter the size of the project… and that takes some time.


How much does a web design cost?

We have three primary web design options for small business owners. These sites range anywhere from $999 to $4999 depending on what you are looking for in your site. We also have starter sites that start at $499. Any of these options also have upgrades that allow you to customize your site based on your needs and budget so you can literally start with a small site and add-on as you wish. Upgrades start at $25/each so you have full control. We use a very basic premise when pricing our sites – it’s called time. The larger your site or the more complex the requirements, the more time it will take to build properly and consequently the more it will cost.  We aim to keep our pricing as straight forward as possible with prices listed on our site clearly but if you are looking for a custom quote simply contact us with what you are looking for and we can put together the quote for you.



When will my website be ready?

The time it takes to build a website can vary anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or even a few months. This is dependent on a few factors, such as:

  • the size of your website
  • the complexity of programming
  • the time of year (yes, believe it or not web design is much more of a seasonal business than you would think)
  • the amount of time it takes you to supply the info we need to build your site (content, photos etc.)
  • the length of time it takes you to ‘approve’ design concepts

For the most part, once a web design project is scheduled our team is able to work very efficiently to produce concepts for review but we do need you on board to help ensure we get from website concept to website launch as quickly as possible. For most standard sites we aim to have the project ready to be launched within 2 to 6 weeks.