Now that you have a website that you are proud to have represent you online, there are just a few other decisions you need to make.

These are all relatively straight forward and something that you want to give consideration to when ensuring that all aspects of your digital presence is reflecting your brand in a positive and professional light.


The Top 3 Website Considerations Post Launch are:

  1. Website Hosting Management – this is where your website lives on servers
  2. Domain Management – this is the address of your site (
  3. Email Management – this is your professional email address (

The reason you want a professional company to assist you with these three things come down to a few key elements that will impact how your website is presented once online. Without getting too technical this includes things like:

  1. Website Speed – your site is on top notch servers that aren’t overloaded
  2. Search Engine Optimization – your site has links integrated from our company that has strong google recognition that then improves your site ranking due to this high credibility association.
  3. Domain Privacy Protection – your site is registered under our company name meaning that your personal details are not visible and it also ensures that you will not forget to renew your domain and have someone else scoop in and take your domain.

These are all things that you likely don’t think about and in reality – you shouldn’t have to. We believe it is something you should think about once, make a decision, and trust that it is in good hands.


A Few Words About Website Hosting:

This is critical because website hosting is very much a get what you pay for type of service. There are many big companies out there that often have commercials promoting “free hosting” or hosting for $2.99/ month. While you are welcome to host your site with whichever provider you trust, you should be aware that nothing online is free… in fact, the sites that promote this service as being free are benefiting by putting their advertisements on your site, or having their company name as part of your web address. This is all free advertising for them and nothing screams online amateur quicker than having something on your website that says “Hosted free by…..” Not good.

The other consideration for cheap web hosting is the loading speed and reliability of your website. When I say web hosting is you get what you pay for I am not being cliche… the cost to host a website is based on how much space and bandwidth you will use. Just because something claims to be “unlimited” does not mean that you are receiving a high quality service with no down-time or quick loading speeds. It’s similar to buying a seat on an air plane.. There is first class – lots of room, comfort, superior service. Then there is economy – tight seats, no leg room, and a little bag of peanuts (if you’re lucky.) Just as an example: First class ticket to Australia can run you upwards of $25,000. Economy $2,500.  It costs 10x more… but you get what you pay for… Luckily, website hosting isn’t such a stark contrast because both options are affordable and the only really factor is whether you want to go with a business that will help you present your business professionally and reliably.


At Websites Niagara, we keep this as simple as possible and offer a flat rate pricing for your website of $30/month for any core or pro sites.


Five Reasons why it’s worth the investment with a local professional:

  1. This fee includes your site being hosting on a semi-private server (read: increased speed/reliability)
  2. It includes basic email management, meaning that you do not have to pay extra to host your emails every month (as other companies will often charge you $2-5 for every little thing which means you often end up paying more per month and are getting an inferior service.)
  3. It includes traffic analytics.
  4. It includes weekly backups on a rolling schedule. (read: less heart stopping, what happened to my site moments)
  5. It includes having a local business contact that will oversee your website and personally help you understand all of the tech side of running your business online. (read: we’re here for you… quite literally, probably down the street, here for you.)

Essentially, we cover everything you need to keep your website running professionally in this one monthly fee. It all is happening in the background and you don’t need to give it another thought.


Increased Speed  • Increased Web Presence • Increased Reliability

… Is there really anything else to decide?