Responsive Web Site Design (Aka Mobile Site)

We design sites that are fully responsive, which means they will automatically adjust to look their best on all devices. So whether your customers are visiting your website on their phone, tablet or laptop computer, your business will look its best!

As people become increasingly busy in their lives they are using the internet in ways they never used to. Years ago people would only browse the web while sitting at their desktop computer and if they were more advanced they may be loading your website on their laptop. Over the past five to ten years, internet behaviours have advanced and your customers want the information they want and they want it now.

Research has shown that mobile use has grown by more than 58% year over year with tablets being the most popular device for internet access.


What does all of this mean for my business?

Gone are the days where marketing companies will try to convince you why you need a web site. If you didn’t know the importance of existing online you wouldn’t be here reading this. And if by rare chance, after you read the information contained on this site that you are still questioning if you need a website, it is quite possible that we can’t help you.

To put it simply, if you are going to exist as a business or provide a service there is an expectation that businesses make information available on demand. There is a need to be more aware of your consumers needs and wants and create a website that has such information available in an easy to read and easy to navigate manner.

In other words, this means that simply having a website doesn’t cut it. While not having a website will severely impact your market potential, having a bad web presence may be as damaging to your credibility.


If your current website is not responsive you may be in denial.

You might be thinking… well I have a website that is old but I don’t know if it is bad… you are probably in a severe state of denial. If your website was designed more than three years ago, or designed using a DIY template, or exists as some sub domain off of another website where you don’t have your own custom web address that is yours and yours alone then you most likely fall into the broad and sweeping classification of having a “bad website.”


Get a Websites Niagara Web Site and You’ll Be Covered!

All of our web sites are designed to be fully responsive so you can rest assured that your business will always look its best regardless of the screen size in which your customer is loading your website.


Still not sure responsive is important?

Don’t take our word for it… here’s what the latest market research is reporting.

Responsive Web Design in Niagara Responsive Web Design in Niagara Responsive Web Design in Niagara Responsive Web Design in Niagara Responsive Web Design in Niagara Responsive Web Design in Niagara

Now are you convinced as to why having a responsive web site is important? We thought you might be.

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